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Prefab modular office

KC Cabins Solutions Ltd - Newpark Business Park | ST5 7HT Newcastle under Lyme | Contact: +44 07443 564 451

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KC Solution is a company that makes some phenomenal portable working and living solutions. Their offer is aimed at every industry – restaurants, kiosks, offices and even housing. Every project they decide to bring to life is characterised by an incredulous amount of work and preparations that goes into it. Not only does the company make energy efficient buildings from prefab parts, but also works closely with the customer, to ensure the final product is adapted to suit his precisely specified needs and requirements.

Modular building

The prefab modular office is a solution for people who want their business to be fairly mobile and allow for a great flexibility. One of the biggest advantages of such buildings is the ability to expand their space in the future – if the business turns out to be prosperous, the owner can just order another parts to enlarge it. KC Solution makes their prefab modular offices from steel and other reliable materials, which means they provide the adequate protection from both cold and hot temperatures.

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