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Ethanol fireplace

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There are advantages and disadvantages of having a fireplace. It is associated with warmth and family, but on the other hand, it emits odours and gases that can be harmful for people and the environment. The solution to this problem is buying a fireplace that runs on bioethanol fire. Using ethanol for raising the temperature in a room will make you and your family much healthier, but it will also leave absolutely no residue. Choosing the right Lovter products is a guarantee of a safe use of the fireplace.


A fireplace is a perfect solution to liven up every venue. Unfortunately, the regular ones are usually associated with air pollution. Because of that, they require a special ventilation system. However, Lovter has prepared a solution that is much more comfortable, simple and healthy – biofuel fireplace. It runs on bioethanol, which when burnt does not emit any health-damaging or harmful substances. What is more, their products are also equipped with a humidifier, that will make air in the room more pleasant.

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