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Printmasta - Jarosława Dąbrowskiego 19/18 | 02-561 Warszawa | Contact: +48 48602102158

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Printmasta company specialises in professional CD manufacturing. They are located in Poland, but they cooperate with numerous clients from various countries in the European Union, such as Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Denmark or the Netherlands. They work in a flexible way and adapt their services to customers' personal needs and requirements. Their turnaround time is amazingly short – for additional charge, you can even be provided with express delivery, what means that you will get your order on the next day.

Discs with printing

Printmasta's offer of CD manufacturing is very wide and includes many services. They can, for example, enrich discs with high-end printing, what can have important marketing purposes. What is more, they can make both a lot and few copies, depending on your needs. What is more, they work not only with CDs, but DVDs and even Blu-rays. Printmasta uses diverse methods to insert an image on a disc, such as litho offset, digital UV or silkscreen printing. In the last technique, even fluorescent and metallic colours are available.

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