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FF CUSTOMS & LOGISTICS LTD is a specialist customs broker. UK is a country where export and import is very difficult without professional help. The service of customs clearance agent makes everything much easier, faster and smoother. They take care of all required formalities. They will ensure that all Customs declarations are completed correctly and submitted within the required period. There is even a remote option - the driver does not have to come to the office of FF CUSTOMS & LOGISTICS LTD. For the convenience, you can scan your documents and send them electronically.

Custom clearance

After Brexit, every goods - regardless of the direction of trade and the location of your business - need custom clearance. It is a preparation of a document which will allow the cargo to cross the border. Then it will be used to complete all customs formalities, such as the calculation of taxes and duties. It is a bit complicated so the best choice is to use services of a professional customs broker. Professional customs clearance makes everything less stressful and much safer. You can be sure that your goods will cross the border.

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