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Special Replicas in an online shop created to satisfy all the people interested in history, weapons and even simply fantasy TV shows and movies. Its collection includes historically accurate military uniforms, ancient musical instruments and a large arsenal of arms. The customers will be able to find here Viking and Roman Empire replica weapons, but also medieval and samurai swords for sale. For fans of more modern combat, the company prepared a large number of firearms based on the pistols and machine guns used during World War I and II.

Magnificent samurai sword for sale

Have you ever wanted to feel like one of the legendary warriors from Japan? You will be able to do just that with an impressive samurai sword for sale available in Special Replicas online shop. The truly phenomenal handle and a magnificent blade look deceivingly similar to the ones prepared by talented Japanese manufacturers. Among the shop's collection, you will be able to find products styled as the traditional old weapons, but also more modern models or the ones known from various movies and shows about the samurai.

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