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YOKO Wool Products Ltd - 6 Crag Crescent | Clondalkin Dublin | Contact: +353 870 930 663

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YOKO Wool Products Ltd company takes care of every single detail while creating their clothing, so that every client could be fully content with what they get. What is more, they constantly expand their offer, so that every season customers could find new models to choose from. They often participate in exhibitions in Ireland and the United Kingdom. It is worth mentioning that they work flexibly and allow their clients to suggest alterations to the existing products, so you can buy clothing that will be perfectly adapted to your wishes.

Wool slippers

In the wide offer prepared by YOKO Wool Products Ltd, one can find, for instance, marvellous wool slippers. They are amazingly soft, what provides you with high level of comfort. What is more, they have remarkable thermoregulating properties, hence they keep your feet constantly warm. Apart from that, these wool slippers look really nice and are available in diverse colours, such as blue, brown, pink or grey. They will certainly make an ideal gift for birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day or another special occasion.

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